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Minstrel Forest Minstrel Forest

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This is really well done. I really like the main melody and the whole piece in general. I can actually link the piece to the setting you've described in the description. The only criticism I have is that the sections where you've used the trills (I'm no expert I'm not sure of the correct term, its around 1 min mark) , the trills feel a bit too overpowering (probably just the volume of that track). But I have very little experience with midis and arranging/ composing so my apologies if this is rubbish ;)

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mychii responds:

Thank you for your comments 0ZeroDL! Yes you guess it right (and you're right its called trill :) ), I have no time to do the mixing that the volume may be out of control (I was 5 hours away to start composing until the challenge is closed, and somehow I have problem with the mixing; I can't put them in mixer channels! MIDI is such a trouble =/ , but indeed is challenging). I let this one the same as it is on the challenge so I could expect equal feedbacks.